GT Motorsport proudly has almost 30 years of experience in ecu remapping, and performance engine tuning.

Our aim at GT Motorsport is to provide the best ECU remapping service for your car. We are experts in the field with years of experience, ensuring your car is in safe hands. GT Motorsport has grown over the years and is now our very own well recognised brand with returning customers year on year.  We always endeavor to provide you with powerful and safe enhancements. Each and every one of our ECU remaps is customised to each individual vehicle. Due to our own in house map writers we have the ability to do anything from a very slight adjustment to a FULL software enhancement STAGE 3+ package. We believe in offering a high quality services at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about us and what we can do for you!


GT Motorsport offers custom remapping for our customers vehicles. Every car is tuned to a specific requirement which makes our customized mods give you the full power you can access while keeping it safe and trouble free.


Every custom tune we tailor to your vehicle will come from the original software that your car manufacture requires, we make sure that we don’t use any third party software while tuning with your vehicles.

To make sure that we follow up on this we always save original factory settings under all customers REG numbers, so if for any reason you would like to reset to your default tuning stats, we can cover that for you.


GT Motorsport proudly has almost 30 years of experience in remapping, and  engine tuning.

Excellent, very friendly, great service, did the remap in about 40 minutes…👍👍👍would definitely recommend

Louise Grindey

Took my bmw down to mark to get my car remapped again after a crap job done, he sat down and showed me how crap the last map was! Then showed me him editing it, took my ecu off to, done a proper job! Nothing but fantastic results! Any car I get will be going there!

Johny Joyce

Had my van remapped today and spot on start to finish in less than a hour which I caught that time up on the way home �.
Seriously my van struggle on A50 past the Bet365 stadium after the remap it � cheers Mark

Paddy Kelly

Just had my work van remapped for economy & torque, it’s made a world of difference to drive & the fuel mpg is much better… I can well recommend GT motorsports . Mark provides a excellent service @ excellent rates n very thorough and prompt.

Matthew Walters

i have been going to mark since the early 00s with various cars from engine builds to repairs and loads of tuning. Always been a 1st class service very tidy worker and his knowledge is 2nd to none.
my brother has very recently had his transit van remapped there and os hugely impressed.

Andy Blunt

Iv known mark since the days when he was working as a top technician for a very successful racing team he is very knowledgeable and has worked on my cars .He recently sorted out a vw golf tdi which had been incorrectly remapped and it was rubbish .2 hours later it was like a different car in every way.

Robert Capewell


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