GT Motorsport has almost 30 years of experience in remapping, and performance engine tuning.

With almost 30 years experience in remapping and performance tuning, GT Motorsport is the number 1 remapping and performance tuning specialists in Staffordshire.  Most other remapping and tuning centres rely on using slave machines and having 3rd party files sent over to them. We do all of our own tuning in-house and therefore we can tune or remap to suit all of our clients needs and driving styles.

Because we write our own maps and fully understand how to get the optimum power or efficiency from your engine, GT Motorsport we are happy to say that we can datalog and carry out our custom live mapping professional service. Including custom mapping to numerous aftermarket ecu’s.


See below our custom tuned Subaru 500bhp with GT35.


Our Team at GT Motorsport are specialists of engine software enhancement. Most car these days have a Bosch type ecu fitted to them, we also have a Bosch trained technician to ensure everything is done exactly how the manufacturer intended. So we keep all the safety element inside the ecu to ensure you receive trouble free motoring.

We cover everything from Stage 1 tuning all the way to Stage 4 full custom conversions to our customers vehicles. We try to offer our full services to as many vehicle manufacturers as we can, so get in touch with us!


We at GT Motorsport pride ourselves with our customer satisfaction and always make sure that our reliability and precision tuning will satisfy our customers needs.

We are sure that you will not be disappointed with our work! so come visit us or view the services we offer.

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